5 Ways Your Making your Home a Target!

There are some common things most people do that make their home a target for break-ins. And they don’t even realise it!

Stop doing the following right away!

Leaving the Garage Open

If you leave the garage open you are advertising to the world what you have up for grabs. Someone can just walk right in and take what they want or they can come back later and rob you.

Leave your garage door closed unless you are parking your car or coming home.

Sharing Holiday Photos

If you share holiday photos while still on holiday then you’re making an open statement to the world that you are not at home. It’s not ask risky as it sounds but if the wrong person sees the photos they know you are not going to be home for a long time. This makes your home prime for robbery.

Not Turning on Your Alarm

This tip comes from Phil. A fellow locksmith in Bournemouth. Phil does a lot of security audits and in our conversations he mentioned to me that he has seen an increasing number of break-ins with old broken alarm systems. Or alarm systems that are just not used. Use your alarm system if you have it! If it’s old or broken then get it replaced.

Phil is my partner who I generally pass on all security audit work to. He’s been a locksmith in Bournemouth since 2010. If you want to get in touch head over to www.abacuslocksmiths.com – Abacus Locksmiths or you can message them on Facebook – Abacus Locksmiths.

Being an Introvert

If you like your peace and quiet that is very understandable. But it pays to know your neighbors. If you don’t know them and they come home and see someone in your house thorough the windows they might just assume that it’s you. But if you know them they will know the work you do and possibly take a second look and realise it’s not you and call the police.

Being friends with your neighbors pays off. They will have your back and you will have theirs! Simple, right?