How to Choose a Good Locksmith

The reason for this post is quite simple.

Our industry if fully of bad companies. The reason for this is that being a locksmith is quite lucrative. Think about it for a moment. If a locksmith get 5 call out jobs during the night and they are all night calls at £100 a pop that’s a good night. Almost zero operating costs and £15,000 a month revenue. This is why people are attracted to the industry who never go through any formal training and are not accredited.

So how do you find a good locksmith?

Associations and Accreditation

Is the locksmith you are about to hire accredited with an offical association? We are members of the Institute of Certified Locksmiths (ICL). There are others out there also like the MLA and the UKLA. Make sure the locksmith you hire is part of an association a this means their work has to be up to par. No fake locksmiths as they are called are part of associations.

When the locksmith comes out to your property ask them for their ID card from the association. A god locksmith should hand this to you when their arrive as the first thing they do after saying hi.

Choose A Specialist

The best things you can do is to choose a specialist for what you need. If you are locked out of your car then you need to deal with a auto lock out specialists. If you are locked out of your home you need to deal with a locksmith who can deal with home lockouts as they differ form auto lockouts.

You don’t just want to call a general locksmith as general lock fitting, repair and replacements is very different to lockout emergency situations.

Ask for Pricing before Committing

Ask for the pricing before committing to anything. The applies 10 fold when dealing with a night time lockout situation. The last thing you want to do is just have a locksmith come out and let you int your home and then charge you £200+ as you didn’t ask for the price before hand like this locksmith horror story. Agree on the price before hand over the phone.